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We're all drawn to instant gratification. This speed-to-info approach is what made Atlas grow so fast on, not one, but four pages. This community is unbelievably loyal. What started out of passion and personal interest, has turned into necessity. A need for quality news, that isn't ran by deep pockets and special interests. Atlas has and always will be a place that readers can trust for quality news that's unbiased and unfiltered.

You asked, and we delivered in a big way. The Atlas News app is our bread and butter. The place where all things go to thrive. We have brought big development team to the app to ensure that the news you receive, is delivered as fast as possible. Not just articles, but podcasts will be directly available in the app, as well as spotify and on apple devices.

The app, as well as the website, will give you the ability to create an account. You can comment on every article as you could on social media. You can save posts and read them offline. Our shop will be available directly through the app so you can purchase merch.

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