Multiple People Shot, Days Inn, Princeton, WV

Update (2249 EST): A family altercation led to the shooting in which the suspect and their child were injured. Update (2209 EST): Two shooters are wanted in connection to the shooting which targeted a private party in the conference center of the Days Inn which left five people injured. At approximately 2040 EST, initial reports indicated that multiple people were shot at the Days Inn in Princeton, West Virginia. Several victims were transported to the hospital in personal vehicles and emergency services transported at least one victim from the scene. A BOLO has been published for a Black Dodge Charger according to J&J News (FB). This is developing.

VIDEO: IDF Confirms Soldier Hit by Vehicle, Ramallah, West Bank

At approximately 0945 EST, initial reports indicated that a person had been struck by a vehicle at the Rantis Checkpoint in the West Bank. By 1000 EST, video emerged showing what appears to be a uniformed soldier being struck be a vehicle. The soldier raises their rifle before the white sedan strikes them. By 1100 EST, the IDF made this announcement: "A report was received a short time ago about a run-over incident in the Ranthis area of the Ephraim Brigade, as a result of which an IDF soldier was injured and sought medical treatment, his family was updated. IDF forces began a pursuit of the offending vehicle, the circumstances of the incident are under investigation." Initially, this incident was characterized as "not an attack". However, the absence of a suspect or official declaration from the IDF indicates this may have been malicious. In December 2023, a reservist was stabbed by a terrorist at the same checkpoint. This is developing.

U.S. Arrests Turkish Nationals After Extradition Request

Turkish Justice Minister Tunc has confirmed the Turkish dual nationals Eylem Tok and Cihantimur Tok have been arrested in the U.S. after fleeting Turkey following a hit-and-run. Cihantimur is a dual U.S.-Turkish national. On May 23rd, 2024, Interpol issued a Red Notice for the duo, mother (Eylem) and son (Cihantimur) after she fled Turkey, hoping to shield him from prosecution. On March 1st, 2024, Cihantimur drove his car into a crowd of five people in Istanbul's affluent neighborhood of Gokturk. Eylem fled Turkey the same day with her son without notifying emergency services of the accident. Haci Orhan, lawyer for the family of 29-year-old Murat Aci who was killed in the crash, called for the duo's extradition back in March when they were spotted in Manhattan. Eylem stated back in March she was sorry and they would return to Turkey, but never have. They flew to the U.S. via a connecting flight in Egypt. It is not currently clear if the U.S. will extradite the duo or prosecute them.

Apartment Building Collapses After Airstrike, Belgorod, Russian Federation

At approximately 0545 EST, a missile warning was issued for Belgorod, Oblast, Russian Federation. By 0550 EST, initial reports indicated that Russian air defenses activated above the city. By 0600 EST, drones and missiles had reportedly struck on the outskirts of Shebekino. By 0800 EST, eyewitnesses published several videos showing a partially collapsed apartment building with civilians attempting to dig out their neighbors. Belgorod Oblast Governor Gladkov claimed that at least three people were injured in a Ukrainian strike in Shebekino, Belgorod Oblast, with eyewitnesses claiming at least seven were injured. Pro-Ukrainian social media users are claiming that these strikes were carried out by the Russian Armed Forces. However, it is worth noting that during the period of darkness from June 13th-14th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces did conduct a large scale drone strike of up to 80 projectiles towards Rostov. The Ukrainian government has made no public comment on the strike in Belgorod as of this publication.

Dual Attacks Leave Burkina Faso in Frenzied State, “Dire Situation” Reported

The Burkina Faso Armed Forces General Staff was forced to make public comments about a June 11th, militant attack on a military base in Mansila and shelling of a meeting of the Council of Ministers in the capital after claims of the death of Interim President Traore were circulated online. The General Staff decried the claims as disinformation and that cyber actors had posted false claims on a mimic page of the official Facebook page of the General Staff. The initial posts were that Interim President Traore was missing or killed in the shelling. While the claims about Traore have not been confirmed by any third-party source, including the president himself, it is clear that a devastating attack was carried out at the base in Mansila where at least 100 soldiers are reported dead, and the base was either captured or sieged. al-Ain reports that the June 11th incident in which an artillery shell was fired at a meeting of the Council of Ministers caused panic in the military, forcing General Célestin Simporé, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces to recall troops to their assigned barracks. That situation is compounded by an ongoing counter-offensive near Dori which is seeking to dislodge militants from Mansila. Security sources have described the situation on the ground as "dire". This is developing.

GRAPHIC: U.S.- Sanctioned Sudanese RSF General Ali Yagoub Gibril Reportedly Killed Outside El Fasher

Sudanese Rapid Support Forces (RSF) commander, General Ali Yagoub Gabril has reportedly been killed outside of El Fasher. Sudan News, the Sundanese Armed Forces, and the governor of Darfur have circulated these claims. No official confirmation has come from the RSF as of this publication. General Ali Yaqoub Gibril, commander of RSF operations in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, was a former tribal leader in Central Darfur State and has been a prominent commander in the RSF, especially in operations in the Central Darfur State where he commanded troops that ejected the Sudanese Armed Forces 21st Infantry Division earlier in the conflict. General Gibril was sanctioned by the U.S. in May 2024, for indiscriminate killings of civilians during the Battle of El Fasher. The Battle of El Fasher is an ongoing battle in North Darfur that began on April 13th, 2023. The Sudanese Armed Forces 6th Infantry Division and thousands of Darfur refugees are currently surrounded by the RSF as the international community has attempted to call a humanitarian ceasefire.

Putin Outlines Conditions for Ceasefire in Ukraine, Demands Withdrawal and Neutrality

Russian President Vladimir Putin has set forth conditions for halting military operations in Ukraine during a speech at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, broadcast by the news channel Russia-24. The terms demand the full withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia within their administrative borders as they existed when these areas became part of Ukraine. Putin also stated that Ukraine must formally renounce any intention to join NATO before Russia will cease fire. Additionally, he stipulated that peace would also necessitate Ukraine adopting a neutral and non-nuclear status, and that sanctions against Russia must be lifted. Putin clarified that these demands are aimed at a "final resolution" of the conflict, rather than a temporary truce. He presented this proposal as a genuine attempt to achieve peace and indicated that if Kyiv and Western nations do not accept this offer, they would bear responsibility for the continuation of the conflict.

Israeli Airstrike Targets Building in Southern Lebanon, Dozens of Casualties Reported

An Israeli airstrike has destroyed a building in the Lebanese town of Jannata, located northeast of Tyre. Initial reports suggest dozens casualties. There is speculation that Hezbollah members are among the dead, including a senior member, although this remains unconfirmed at this time. Earlier this week, a senior Hezbollah commander was killed in an Israeli strike as tensions and clashes continue to escalate with Hezbollah, who have increased rocket and drone attacks against Israel.

Thailand’s Constitutional Court Will Rule on Constitutionality of Senate Elections on June 18th

Thailand’s Constitutional Court will rule on the constitutionality of the Organic Law that governs the Senate elections on June 18th. The session will decide on petitions that six candidates submitted asking the court to determine if four laws contradicted Articles 36 and 107 of the Constitution. Their petitions argued that the articles “encourage political interference” and “would enable wealthy candidates to campaign via the Internet or electronic media,” which would put poorer candidates at a disadvantage. On June 11th, the legal adviser to Thailand’s Prime Minister, Wissanu Krea-ngam, said he had concerns about the accusations caretaker senators made about the district-level elections being marred by irregularities. Wissanu said while the elections had issues, these were minor.

New Zealand Announce They Will Send Minister of Police to Ukrainian Peace Summit

On June 11th, New Zealand announced they would send Minister of the Police Mark Mitchell to the Summit on Peace with Ukraine from June 15th to 16th. New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said, “Minister Mitchell is a senior Cabinet Minister and a former Minister of Defence. His travel to Switzerland for this summit demonstrates the New Zealand Government’s continued solidarity with Ukraine and engagement with Ukraine’s ten-point peace formula.” Mitchell will participate in discussions with senior leaders from other countries during the summit held in the town of Bergenstock, Switzerland.

Civilian Mariner Medically Evacuated by US Navy After Houthi Strikes on Cargo Vessel

The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has reported that a civilian mariner was medically evacuated to the Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Philippine Sea after two Houthi cruise missiles struck the Palauan-flagged, Ukrainian-owned and Polish-operated general cargo vessel "M/V Verbena" in the Gulf of Aden. CENTCOM said the mariner was "severely injured" by the strikes, which damaged the vessel and caused fires onboard. Yesterday, a Houthi explosive USV and missile attack severely damaged the bulk carrier "Tutor" in the Red Sea and left one crew member dead.

Boeing Investigates New Quality Issue with 787 Dreamliner

Boeing is investigating a new quality problem with its 787 Dreamliner after discovering that hundreds of fasteners have been incorrectly installed on the fuselages. The company announced that its 787 team is inspecting fasteners in the side-of-body area of some undelivered aircraft to ensure they meet engineering specifications. Boeing assured that the in-service fleet can continue to operate safely. This issue involves the incorrect torquing or tightening of over 900 fasteners per plane, equally split between both sides of the jet's mid-body. This is the latest in a series of manufacturing problems affecting the U.S. planemaker. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating the matter and is working closely with Boeing to determine appropriate actions and ensure an immediate fix in the production system.

Mariner Killed in Houthi Attack on “Tutor” Bulk Carrier

A mariner onboard the Liberian-flagged, Greek-operated bulk carrier "Tutor" was killed when the vessel was attacked yesterday in the Red Sea by a Houthi explosive surface drone, according to the shipping journal Lloyd's List. The Tutor was also heavily damaged and is at risk of sinking. This marks the second vessel to have a crew member killed due to a Houthi attack. Back in March, three mariners onboard the bulk carrier True Confidence were killed in a Houthi missile strike.

IDF uses Trebuchet to Hurl Fireballs into Lebanon

Footage showing IDF troops using a trebuchet to hurl fireballs over the border wall into Lebanon has started to make its way around the internet. I believe I have geolocated the footage to (33.100, 35.320), which is backed up by NASA FIRMS mapping showing fires in the immediate area. It seems like they are attempting to start brush fires to clear away foliage away from the border wall in an effort to reduce concealment. This comes amid ongoing fires that have been started in northern Israel by Hezbollah drone strikes and rocket fire.

French President Suspends New Caledonia’s Constitutional Amendment

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on June 12th that he “decided to suspend” New Caledonia’s constitutional amendment. However, the president also said he would not withdraw the law. The suspension comes after the amendment caused a significant amount of unrest across the South Pacific island since mid-May. The unrest led to the deployment of French security forces from both France and French Polynesia. Marcon made the announcement during a press conference in Paris, where he said that the now-dissolved National Assembly’s pending projects will be resumed “once a majority is confirmed, enlarged, or formed with other partners.” Furthermore, he said he suspended the amendment “to give maximum strength to the dialogue on the ground and to return to order.”