Biden To Meet With China’s Xi On Monday

The White House announced on Thursday that President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet on Monday in Bali, Indonesia. According to a senior administration official, Biden will meet with his Chinese counterpart for the first time in person as president. The two leaders are likely to talk about subjects such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, human rights, Taiwan, North Korea, and trade at their much-anticipated encounter.

The administration said that China and Russia are the largest threats to international peace and stability when outlining the president’s national security plan last month. The White House claimed that while China is the sole rival with the ability and willingness to tip the global playing field in its favor, Russia poses an urgent threat.

With his threat to use military force to defend Taiwan in the event that China invades the independent island, Biden has inflamed China which I’m sure will be topic of conversation.

Since Biden entered office, they have spoken five times, but their meeting on Monday will be their first in-person exchange.

Biden said on Wednesday, “I’ve told him: I’m looking for competition, not – not conflict.

Biden is anticipated to bring up concerns about China’s trade practices as well as how the country treats Uyghurs and other largely Muslim ethnic groups. They might also talk about potential areas of cooperation between the two nations.