Sweden Revives Civil Conscription

In response to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, several countries in Scandinavia are maintaining a militarized stance. Sweden’s government has recently made an unexpected announcement, which is particularly noteworthy due to the country’s history of neutrality and peacefulness. On Monday, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announced new measures that include reinstating conscription for civilians, in order to strengthen emergency response services and adapt to the changing situation brought about by Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

The Prime Minister stated that the civil service will begin implementing conscription this week by relaying: “We’re going back to a situation where we have a formalized civil duty.” This strategy harkens back to such plans that were in place during the Cold War, as a way to mobilize citizens for emergency civil services.

Sweden ultimately scrapped conscription the decade after the Cold War was over and has not shown any interest in revamping the call to order until Ukraine was invaded.