Israel Declines American Request to Provide Missiles to Ukraine

A Hawk missile being launched.

On Wednesday Axios reported that United States officials requested Israel transfer their decommissioned Hawk Anti-aircraft missiles back to the US so they could then send them to Ukraine. Israel declined the request, reaffirming their policy of not arming Ukraine. Israel first acquired the Hawk missile system in the 1960s, they were decommissioned about a decade ago and replaced with the US Patriot system and the well-known Iron Dome.

The Israelis have been reluctant to arm Ukraine since the start of Russia’s invasion. Many speculate this is due to Israeli concerns that Russia would respond to Israel arming Ukraine by transferring advanced air-defense systems, such as the S-400, to Syria. These systems could be used against the Israeli air force, which routinely carries out air strikes throughout Syria, including the capital city of Damascus.