Serbia Announces They Don’t Intend on Joining NATO

Vucic during the special Parliamentary session

The announcement was made by Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, on Thursday during a special parliamentary session debating negotiations regarding Serbia’s breakaway region of Kosovo. The President said, “This morning, I heard nonsense from fake patriots saying that we are leading Serbia towards the Atlantic integration. We don’t. We will continue to maintain our military neutrality and, unlike those who destroyed our military, we are building our army.” He went on to say, “EU membership is of vital interest for us. One cannot function without allies.” He then spoke about negotiations regarding Kosovo by saying, “It is not what we gain, it is about what we will lose.”

Vucic accused western nations of being intransigent when it comes to finding a diplomatic solution to ease the tensions surrounding the breakaway region of Kosovo. He said the most recent deal proposed by the west “hardly contains anything we would be happy about.” He ended by saying, “We have the following choice: either, on the one hand, isolation, sanctions of one sort or another, but there are no worse sanctions than the withdrawal of investments, about which I was directly told three times.” He’s speaking of a withdrawal of western investment in Serbia’s economy.