American National Killed in Israel During Todays Shooting

The U.S. Ambassador to Israel announcing the death of an American.

A shooting attack on three vehicles occurred today near the city of Jericho. The shooting occurred at the Bet Ha’Arava junction. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claim the targets were all civilians and in a series of Tweets said, “Following the shooting attack, it was found that the terrorists opened fire toward Israeli vehicles on 3 occasions. An Israeli civilian was injured by one of the shootings and died from his wounds. The terrorists later set their vehicles on fire. Israel Police forces arrived and following an exchange of fire, the terrorists fled the scene. IDF & Police forces are conducting searches in the area and have set up road blocks and checkpoints.” The U.S. Ambassador to Israel announced that an American national was killed in the attack. It’s so far unclear who the killed American was and what they were doing in the area of the attack.

This shooting comes after tensions between Israeli and Palestinian forces have been rising quite rapidly in recent weeks. The city of Nablus has seen large clashes in the last week. Some analysts, on both the Israeli and Palestinian side, are concerned that the tensions could result in larger scale clashes in the near future.