US Space Force STARCOM HQ Headed to Florida

Following years of assessments and discussions, the Space Force declared on Wednesday that a key command center will be established at Patrick Space Force Base in Florida. The central command for the Space Training and Readiness Command, also known as STARCOM, is expected to initially transfer hundreds of staff to the Space Coast for the creation of training modules for Space Force members. The Patrick facility will also house Space Delta 10, tasked with handling doctrine, tactics, and wargaming. The other two STARCOM divisions were chosen to be based in Colorado and New Mexico.

This command, one of three that were established in December 2019 under the branch, is tasked with educating, training, and nurturing space professionals. Alongside this, it is also in charge of “the development of space warfighting doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures, and the operational test and evaluation of Space Force systems,” as per the press release by the Air Force. Similar to the relationship between the Marine Corps and the Navy, the Space Force is a subset of the Air Force.