“The Two Companions Are 901 and Without Weapons,” – FARC-EP Militants Capture Arms During Attack On Police Patrol

What You Need To Know: 

During an attack on the National Police in the small municipality of Morales, situated in Colombia’s South-Western region, FARC-EP militants managed to secure two Israeli-made Galil rifles as well a Sig Sauer P220 Pistol and its Chinese ‘clone’, the Norinco NP22. In a video taken by the group of their spoils, and posted by WarNoir on Twitter, the group claims “Parte de Guerra with the Bolivarian militia ambushed a police patrol in Morales, Cauca, with the following results: 3 dead policemen and 1 wounded.” (sub-intendant Michael Luis León Aja and the patrolmen Emily Mallerly Rodríguez Gamboa and José Laureano Orozco Bedoya).

The Bolivarian Militia is a Venezuelan Paramilitary Militia created by former President Hugo Chavez and utilised by his predecessor Nicolas Maduro. However, the militia mentioned in the video is likely an armed civilian group which takes the same name. FARC-EP was formed in an act of dissent against the decision taken by FARC members to sign a peace deal with the Colombian government in 2016. The group focuses its attacks on members of the Colombian Government and Military but has been reported to attack US military personnel, as well as take part in hostage-taking.

The Result Of A Lack Of Resources:

According to Colombia Media outlet, Semana, in an audio recording during the attack, the officers can be heard claiming that the lack of personnel in the region is spurring armed groups to act more assertively. 

The officer’s communication is as follows: 

Central: “Four units are walking outside the station and shots and explosions can be heard.”

Colonel: Where are you?

Central: “From the information point, but the shots can be heard from here. They inform me that they are wounded, they are wounded, there are some comrades who are wounded and lying on the road”

Third officer: “You see that we don’t have people and you are asking fags (…). Jueputa (son of a bitch) to review if you have time, but not to be here, right? Great motherfuckers, they gave us, they gave us and they don’t come here to support anything, no shit, they know there are no staff here. “

Additionally, the region in which the attack occurred is rumoured to be a hotspot for armed groups such as the Clan del Golfo, the ELN and the FARC dissidents.


Translations: Franco Ramos