Rouge Indian Army Major Reportedly Kills One, Hostage Crisis Feared

A fratricide incident in Indian-occupied Kashmir at Thanamandi Rajouri base has left one dead, four critically injured and culminated in the taking of 3 hostages. As reported by the Hindustan Times, the Major reportedly opened fire and lobbed grenades at members of his unit, the 48 Rashtriya Rifles. 

The incident is the second fratricide attack in six months, with one occurring in April at Bathinda military station leaving four dead. 

The attack’s details have not been fully confirmed, with multiple sources releasing conflicting statements. Pakistani sources claiming the attack was the work of Kashmiri rebels have not been confirmed. Furthermore, Danvir Singh, a strategic expert and columnist posted on X claiming that one soldier had been killed, four wounded and three taken hostage before revising the tweet. Additionally, the Hindustan Times claims that there had been no casualties and that the Major had been apprehended.  


Updates to come as more information becomes available.