iPhone Survives 16,000 ft Drop from Depressurized Flight

Following the depressurization of Alaska Airlines flight 1282, one of the passengers iPhones was found seemingly undamaged after a 16,000-foot fall from an airplane.

On January 5, Flight 1282 bound for Ontario, California, was forced to make an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon, when the cabin became depressurized shortly following takeoff. The six crew and 174 passengers on board were safe and unharmed, despite passenger reports of missing sections of the aircraft, including the fuselage, and some luggage being lost mid-flight.

The entire fleet of Boeing 737-9 has been grounded by the FAA.

Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci said in a statement, “At Alaska Airlines, safety is our foundational value and the most important thing we focus on every day.”