NATO to Start Largest Military Exercise in Years with 90,000 Troops

NATO is set to launch the exercise “Standfast Defender 2024” and will demonstrate how quickly US troops will bolster European allies from their adversaries. This begins in February, and concludes in May.

90,000 troops will be involved, in addition to 50 ships ranging from aircraft carriers to destroyers, and vehicles including no less than 1,100 combat land vehicles, plus 90 aircraft.

Steadfast Defender 2024 is the largest NATO war game since 1988’s “Reforger” which involved 125,000 personnel preparing to conflict with the Soviet Union. Although not directly stated, is it assumed that Russia is the main adversary in this scenario too.

Part of this training will take place in bordering nations to Russia, such as Poland, Norway, and the Baltics. Germany is also a focus, seen as crucial for NATO reinforcements.