North Korea Destroys Symbolic Arch of Unification

Satellites hinted North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gotten rid of an iconic arch located in the capital of Pyongyang earlier this month.

The arc symbolized a hope for future reunification with South Korea, ending the tension between the two countries that has been ongoing for decades. With this latest action, it’s evident that North Korea has no interest in reconciliation.

Kim Jong Un gave a speech on  January 15th at the Supreme People’s Assembly, or the SPA, referring to the arch as an “eye sore.” Ideas of joining the South were also further dismissed during this same speech, with comments denouncing these ideas.

Last seen January 19th over satellites, the arch stands around 100 feet tall and has a width of 200 feet. Completed in 2001, it sat on Thongil Street, a road leading to South Korea.