Minister Urges Government to Meet with Okinawan Officials Over U.S. Base Relocation

On January 28th, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi urged the Central Government to hold a meeting with Okinawan officials regarding the transfer of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma.

Hayashi made the comments during a meeting with Okinawan Governor Denny Tamaki in the prefectural capital of Naha. He discussed the Japanese Government’s relocation plan to the governor during the meeting.

Tamaki pushed to stop the transfer of the base, citing public opinion and the inconveniences to locals. Hayashi also met the mayor of Nago to discuss the local residents concerns.

The central Government began construction to relocate the base to the less populated area of Henoko district in Nago from the heavily populated area of Ginowan.

Hasyashi also met with the mayor of Ginowan to discuss the relocation plan.