Japan, the U.S., Australia to Begin Keen Edge 2024 Demonstrating Island Defense

Japan, Australia, and the United States began Keen Edge 2024 on February 1st and will last until February 8th and is the first time that Australia is participating. The main goal is to improve coordination and to rehearse command and control systems.

Unlike past exercises, the US Cyber Command plus the U.S. Space Force will also be present to incorporate multi-domain capabilities into the exercise scenario. The Japanese Self-Defense Force and 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) will join forces to show maritime defense and response on island terrains.

The tests will take place around the southwest islands around Okinawa, and the Yaeyama islands, located east of Taiwan. Japan has increased security on Ishigaki and Miyako Islands, likely to support Taiwan during a Chinese Invasion.

Leaders of the ground forces will be General Rodger B Turner of 3rd MEF and Lt. General Yamane Toshikazu for the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force’s Western Army.