U.S. to Send 4k Troops, 2 Ships to Operation Cobra Gold 2024

This year, the United States, in addition to 30 other nations sending close to 10k personnel, will participate in Operation Golden Cobra 2024, taking place in Thailand and lasting from February 26th to March 8th.

The USS Somerset and USS Miguel Keith will transport the 4,000 US troops to participate in the joint exercise, with a main focus on amphibious drills, according to Col. Kurtis A Leffner, US Military Advisory Group Thailand.

Only 7 nations intend to remain for the full duration; the US, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia. Thailand and the US will also work to recover the ruins of HTMS Sukhothai, sunk after being caught in a storm 35km off the coast of Prachaup Khiri Khan on December 18th, 2022.

Other nations will only focus on one stage in the event, including China, India, Australia, France, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Kuwait, Pakistan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Britain, and more.