Russia Offers to Make India a Partner in the Su-75 Program

Russia hinted that it would make India a partner in the Su-75 stealth aircraft program to better fund the project. However, the country did not send any official offers to the Indian Air Force, and India did not receive any offers.

The Su-75 Checkmate is a 5th generation stealth aircraft first showcased in Russia during the MAKS Airshow 2021 and takes design elements from the currently produced and in-service Su-27 Felon jet aircraft. Manufacturing costs are said to be lower than the rivaling Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

Russian defense contractor Rostec claimed to receive feedback on the project from potential customers, not including India. False claims of India being interested in the Checkmate recently surfaced in Indian media.

India is currently developing its own fighter projects, including the Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) and Tejas Mk II, so it’s unlikely they will pursue the Su-75, which will not go into production for another 8–10 years. Flight trials of either the AMCA or the Tejas Mk II have also not begun as of now.