Guatemala Wishes to Trade with China, Despite Relations with Taiwan

Yesterday, China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry called on Guatemala to “make the correct choice” after the new president commented on the country’s interests in establishing formal commercial ties with China.

Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin also said that China hoped Guatemala’s new government would make the decision that is “in the fundamental and long-term interests of the Guatemalan nation and people.”

Guatemalan President Bernardo Arevalo has publicly expressed support for Taiwan. Arevalo was elected on January 14th and also outwardly stated to Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative Joseph Wu that he wished to maintain ties and deeper cooperation.

Arevalo also acknowledged the “great weight and power” that China represents, in reference to the economic influence it holds.

Carlos Ramiro Martinez, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Guatemala, expressed interest in Guatemalan products ending up in the Chinese market. However, he also said this move is “not an ambush against Taiwan or the United States.”