Recent Landslide Illustrates Rationale Behind Philippine Air Force Request for More C-130s

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) wishes to adopt additional C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft to add to their fleet currently in service for a variety of reasons.

The Hercules can be used not only for military missions but also for disaster relief, where they can deliver essential supplies and transportation, playing a vital role. An example is that the PAF required more C-130s than they had available and asked the United States to provide additional aircraft to support disaster relief operations.

A monsoon and other adverse weather caused flooding and landslides in Barangay Masara, Davao de Oro Province, and other areas throughout southeastern Mindanao. Both the flooding and landslides affected around 113,463 families in the region, according to the Office of Civil Defense.

The United States Marine Corps provided two KC-130Js carrying 4,800 food boxes for families affected on February 12th and joined relief efforts in Barangay Masara. However, the two aircraft will be located at Villamor Airbase, Pasay City, during the relief operation.