Japanese Police Search Building in Tokyo Linked to Overseas Chinese Police

Details of a May 2023 search by Tokyo police of a building located in Chiyoda Ward that was rumored to be an Overseas Chinese Police Station were released on Wednesday, February 21st. Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau conducted the Mary 2023 raid. Japanese authorities believed there were two stations in the country, and the police raided the Tokyo site.

Authorities charged two Chinese women tied to the building with receiving one million yen (6,643 USD) in government aid during the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020. One woman is 44 years old and works as a company manager in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward, while the other is a 59-year-old woman and an executive in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture. Both women were executives of the company that owned the property.

The Spanish human rights organization Safeguard Defenders claimed that in 2022, China had set up 102 police bases in 53 different countries.