Australia Appoints New National Cyber Security Coordinator

Lieutenant General Michelle McGuinness has been chosen as the next Australian Cyber Security Coordinator, replacing Air Marshall Darren Goldie after a recall in 2022.

McGuinness is a thirty-year veteran in the Australian Defence Force who has held various tactical, strategic, and operational roles and also served as Deputy Director of Commonwealth Integration with the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency since 2021.

Clare O’Neil, Minister of Home Affairs, confirmed this. O’Neil also stated how “Lieutenant General would manage cultural and policy changes across the government” and spoke of the role: “With the National Office of Cyber Security, the coordinator drives forward the necessary work to ensure Australia is best positioned to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the digital age.”

The Australian Government has described this role as “a really important piece of the jigsaw puzzle” as increased efforts are made to counter cyber attacks. Responsibilities range from responding to major cyberattacks to bolstering overall cybersecurity.

McGuinness assumed the role on Monday, February 26th.