Operation Cobra Gold 2024 Started with Joint Amphibious Exercise

Thailand, the United States, and other countries commenced this year’s iteration of Cobra Gold 2024 with a joint amphibious exercise on February 26th.

The welcome ceremony for Operation Cobra Gold 2024, a multination joint amphibious exercise involving thirty nations and hosted by the United States and Thailand, kicked off yesterday.

This year’s Cobra Gold exercise will last from February 27th through March 8th. The purpose behind this exercise is to bolster relations between the United States and Thailand, along with maritime and land capabilities.

The event had a welcome ceremony for the U.S.S. Somerset after it arrived in Juk Samet Port in Sattahip province on February 23rd.

The ceremony was led by Royal Thai Navy Captain Poonlarp Thattathongkham, Deputy Commander of the Amphibious Task Force, who led the ceremony at the port.