South Korea Imposes Stricter Export Controls on Russia, Belarus

The South Korean government will enact tighter exports on Russia and Belarus regarding items that have military applications, as per a trade ministry statement on Monday, February 26th.

South Korea added 682 new entries to the list of banned items to ship to Russia and Belarus last week. The government is making efforts to inform exporters about the additions to the list to prevent any unsanctioned sales or shipments.

“The Ministry will bolster the implementation of export controls under ties with related organizations, as there will be more attempts to dodge export controls and seek evasive shipments,” said the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy. A focus on “common high priority” items refers to items containing chips that can be applied to drones.

The South Korean government also began an investigation into Daesung International Trading’s activities, sanctioned by the United States over ties to Russia. The company is one of 93 companies the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security added to its entity list on February 23rd.