South Korean Political Parties Agree on Electoral Map for April Elections

Rival South Korean political parties have agreed today to an electoral map showing all districts for the upcoming parliamentary elections in April, following months of disagreement over the number of councilors within crucial districts.

Leaders of the currently ruling People Power Party (PPP) and its main rival, the Democratic Party, have made a last-minute deal on remaking the map for the districts for the 300-member National Assembly, 41 days before elections set to be held on April 10th. The redrawn electoral district map will pass through a plenary session sometime today.

Per the agreement, the number of seats determined by direct votes in North Jeolla Province will be ten. The number of seats in Seoul and Gyeonggi province will be 48 and 60, with the city of Busan receiving 18 seats. The total number of seats picked from a proportional representation system will be lowered from 47 to 46.