Spy Chief of Moldova Issues Warning on Destabilization Efforts by Russia

Moldova’s spy chief made a statement on Tuesday after a recent batch of attempts to interfere with internal operations within the central government, upcoming elections, the process of joining the European Union (EU), and other affairs.

The head of Moldova’s Information and Security Services Agency, Alexandru Musteata, claimed his agency had stopped a “record level” of activity since last year and predicts more will happen.

“Russian intelligence services intend to interfere in the election processes this year as well,” Musteata said to the media. “We have information that attempts are made to compromise a referendum on European integration, interfere in the presidential election, as well as discredit government institutions, and politicians who support Moldova’s accession to the European Union.”

Relations between the two nations are on the decline, with Moldova taking a more pro-European outlook and accusing Russia of tampering with the country’s internal affairs. Moscow has denied allegations of interfering with the ex-Soviet country’s affairs.