North Korea Launch Military Drills in Response to Freedom Shield Exercise

North Korea began military drills along the DMZ with a North Korean Special Operations Forces unit conducting a simulated assault on a South Korean guard station on March 6th. The drills are likely North Korea’s response to the ongoing Freedom Shield 2024 exercise between South Korea and the United States.

The unit used Anti-Tank Guided Missiles, RPGs, and small arms to attack the post while other soldiers rappelled down from helicopters on top of the roof during the training exercise.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un claimed these drills are necessary to match “the enemies’ ever-constant threats” and are being held at a “major operational training base in the western area.”

Involving a total of 48 exercises, the series of exercises will go on from March 4th–15th, utilizing ground troops equipped with small arms using Mi-8T helicopters for transport.

Overseeing the training are Kim, Defense Minister Kang Son Nam, Korean People’s Army (KPA) Field Marshal Pak Jong Chon, former Special Operations Commander Kim Yong Bok, and KPA Chief of General Staff Ri Yong Gill.