Thai House Panel Rejected Navy Budget Request for New Frigate

A Thai House of Representatives’ special committee assigned to review the 2024 budget rejected the Royal Thai Navy’s (RTN) request of $48.1 million USD (1.7 billion Baht) to acquire a new frigate.

The committee approved a separate $2.5 million USD (87.1 million Baht) funding requirement from the RTN’s suggested budget to construct a runway and taxiway within the U-Tapao International Airport.

The Navy argued that the frigate was necessary to maintain the nation’s sovereignty, and to replace the two frigates the Navy plans to decommission by 2026. At least $480 million USD (17 billion Baht) is needed to fund the frigate, with the 1.7 billion figure used for the first year.

The committee cut approximately $254.5 million USD (9 billion Baht) from funding requests various Thai agencies submitted for approval.