AUKUS “Rock Solid” if Trump Elected- Australian PM

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has reaffirmed his confidence in the AUKUS security partnership, regardless of the 2024 U.S. presidential election results.

“It’s not an agreement just with President Biden, as important as his support is, it was an agreement with Congress and with Senate” said the PM, during a radio interview on March 14th.

“Across the board I, of course, met with Republican and Democrat Senators and Congress people, and there was extraordinary support for AUKUS. And this proposal, this is an agreement between our two great nations, not an agreement between two individuals.” He added.

When asked about the possibility of a bi-lateral nuclear submarine deal being “scrapped”, the PM emphasized the stability of the agreement.

“Whilst the election in the United States is, of course, a decision for the people of the United States, I’m very confident that regardless of the outcome, this agreement will stay in place.”