Philippine Military Holds Live Fire Drills During Katihan Exercise

The Philippine Army (PA) conducted the live fire portion of the ongoing Combined Arms Training Exercise (CATEX) Katihan Battle Plan 2 on March 15th. Katihan is designed to evaluate the PA’s ability to move and sustain large units during country-wide combat operations.

The exercise involved the 502nd Combined Armed Brigade using the Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer System (ATMOS) 155mm self-propelled howitzers and the M119 105mm howitzers to strike at various targets.

The PA’s Armor Division also participated in the exercise, using the 120mm Mounted Mortar System and a number of M113 Armored Personnel Carriers. The exercise also saw the use of drones by the brigade to locate and coordinate artillery strikes on targets.

Katihan takes place at Philippine military bases such as Col. Ernesto Rabina Airbase, Camp O’Donnell, and other sites throughout the country and will conclude on March 18th.