Protests Erupted in Cuba Amid Power Outages and Food Shortages

In Santiago de Cuba, located in the southeast of the island, public protests have emerged in response to severe power outages and food shortages. President Miguel Díaz-Canel has called for dialogue, but expressed concerns about destabilization efforts by “enemies of the Revolution.” The situation has been further aggravated by operational disruptions since the beginning of March at the Antonio Güiteras power plant, attributed to maintenance activities and a scarcity of fuel.

In reaction to these protests, the Cuban government has implemented respressive measures, including including the blocking of internet access. The U.S. Embassy in Cuba, communicating via X (formerly Twitter), has called on Havana to respect the human rights of the protesters.

These demonstrations, fueled by economic distress, represent an ongoing pattern of increasing dissent that has been observable since the 2021 protests.