Taiwan Holding Live Fire Exercises Near Kinmen

With tensions rising in the Taiwan Strait, the Kinmen Defense Command is participating in live-fire drills on the islands of Kinmen, Honuyu, Menghu, and Lieyu off the coast of China next month.

The live fire will start on April 2nd and carry on most days of the month, with the Taiwanese Army conducting ground-to-sea fire at distances from 1,000 feet to 6,600 feet (305 m to 2,012 m). The units will fire various small arms and small munitions based on the distances outlined for the various exercises.

The Taiwanese Army claims the exercises do “not target any specific country” and describes them as “routine.” However, the exercise comes after the capsizing of a speedboat and the deaths of two Chinese citizens near Kinmen. The China Coast Guard (CCG) has increased its activity in the area, regularly sending vessels to the island despite it being in restricted waters.

Regarding the recent activities, Taiwan National Security Bureau Director-General Tsai Ming-yen stated: “They are trying to normalize their military activities,” referring to the Chinese sending three to four naval vessels and around ten aircraft on joint drills near Kinmen.