Philippine Coast Guard Recruited Chinese Nationals Into Auxiliary

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) recruited Chinese nationals into the PCG auxiliary force, however, they have since been expunged, and officials are beginning to ask questions as to how and why.

This discovery came out today, March 20th, after PCG Commandant Admiral Ronnie Gil Gavan spoke before the House Committee on Transportation after questions raised from Representative from Surigao del Norte Robert Ace Barbers inquired about it.

“Can you provide an update on that? Based on my understanding, most of these recruits were Chinese in the ranks of brigadier general, and it seemed that they had overtaken the Coast Guard,” Barbers said directly to Gaven.

“We already went to a process in coordination with relevant intelligence and national security concerned agencies of the government, and in fact, we have already delisted 36 of them [referring to Chinese nationals]” Gaven responded.

There was concern over the Chinese nationals being spies amid tensions between China and the Philippines. An investigation is being held into how exactly they managed to enlist despite the men failing to get security clearance when enlisting.