Alleged Hamas Member Sent Bomb Threat to Philippine College

An alleged member of Hamas sent an email containing a bomb threat to a Philippine university located in General Trias City, Cavite province, on March 20th. Samuel Christian College School administrator, Jerickson Carandang Bautista, alerted the college staff and reported the email to local police.

The email, from “Adam Cohem, hamas member,” said that “tomorrow [March 21st], in a place no one sees will locate bombs and place it all over the district.” Cohem gave the date of the explosion and said that the bombs were “for supporting enemy, you suffer. We bomb Palestine, Philippines too.” ‘Cohem’ also sent the email to several other colleges in the Cavite province and the city’s mayor.

The university suspended classes and operations in the university on March 20th, with the authorities coordinating with the Cavite Police Provincial Office and the Bureau of Fire Protection’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Group to sweep the college.

The email is likely a hoax made by a Philippine individual due to the English matching Tagalog transliterations and the Israeli names used in the email.

Photo of purported bomb threat from Hamas member, ‘Adam Cohem’ (Photo: X, formerally Twitter/@kenzie_grea)