Myanmar Junta Claims Election May Not be Held in All Areas

The Myanmar junta, which currently holds power through a coup three years ago, has plans to hold an election if there’s peace and stability in the nation, however, it is unlikely to be across the whole country due to ongoing offensives against rebel groups on multiple fronts.

The junta government allegedly wants to restore democracy within the country according to junta chief Minister Aung Hlaing. This claim is questionable due to the junta seizing power three years ago, and a lack of effort to restore peace.

The current fighting against pro-democracy rebellion groups has proven to be a challenge. The ongoing fighting resembles the 1962 Tatmadaw crackdown, where a military junta took power of what was known as Burma back then through a coup d’etat and punished any civilian opposition.

Many Western Nations have criticized the idea of an election in Myanmar due to the junta taking power through non-democratic methods and rampant corruption. The Tatmadaw (Myanmar’s Military) most notably dissolved over forty political parties formed in opposition to the current leadership, and enacted rules making it difficult to start new ones.