Hospital in North Mariana Islands Struck by Cyberattack Last Week

North Mariana Islands-based Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC) announced that a cyberattack occurred at the hospital “last week” in a March 26th statement.

The statement said that any individual who received “any communications regarding suspicious activities of a similar nature” should cease contact with the emails as the hospital “continues to work with authorities.”

The hospital said that they prioritize “safeguarding privacy of our patients and CHCC is currently evaluating the threat and working with authorities, ensuring we are in compliance with federal laws.” Furthermore, the hospital said that it faced “no disruptions to clinical and emergency services” and that patients would still receive care without interruption.

The hospital said that “it is employing all security measures to prevent further threats and protect all data and a thorough investigation remains in place to confirm the nature of the threat.”

The statement also said that various measures to increase security are being implemented with the assistance of the Commonwealth of North Mariana Islands Homeland Security and other federal agencies.