Philippine President Picks Permanent Head of Country’s National Police

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. appointed Major General Rommel Francisco Marbil as the permanent Philippine National Police (PNP) Commanding General on April 1st. Marbil took over as head of the PNP after the current PNP chief, General Benjamin Acorda, retired after completing a three-month extension.

Marcos said that the Philippines “welcome Police General Rommel Francisco Marbil, who will assume the responsibilities of the 30th Chief of the PNP.” He then said that Marbil has his full confidence and support as he begins “to champion a police that is pro-God, pro-country, pro-people, pro-environment.”

The president also said that he urges everyone to join the new police chief in facing “the coming days with even greater fervor, determination, and optimism to achieve our goals and aspirations for the nation.”

Marbil previously commanded the PNP’s Directorate for Comptrollership before being appointed as the PNP chief.

Marcos announced the appointment of Lt. General Emmanuel Baloloy Peralta as the temporary PNP Commanding General until the president picked a permanent replacement.