Botswana Threatens to Send Germany 20,000 Elephants Amid Dispute

Botswana has informed Germany that it wishes to send 20,000 elephants in protest of Germany’s environmental ministry attempting to impose more restrictions on imports of “trophies” from hunting animals.

President of Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi said to German media that this would impoverish the population of Botswana, adding elephant numbers have skyrocketed due to conservation efforts.

Around 130,000 elephants, or 1/3 the total population, call Botswana home. Botswana does not have the space for these numbers. The elephants reportedly cause property damages, and allegedly trampling citizens.

Masisi said the Germans should “live together with the animals, in the way you are trying to tell us to,” adding that “This is no joke.”

“We would like to offer such a gift to Germany,” Masisi insisted, adding that he would not take no for an answer.

Similarly, the UK proposed a bill in parliament that would ban trophies from Botswana and other Southern African Nations from entering the UK. Some have pointed out how it would negatively impact Botswana.