Taiwan Conducting Live-Fire Missile Exercises This Week

Taiwan’s military will hold a series of live-fire exercises starting on April 9th and lasting until the 17th, notably testing the Land Sword II Missile at Jiupeng Military Base on April 9th.

Other drills will also take place, such as the Shen Ying, Shen Gong, and Lei Ting exercises.

The Lei Ting exercise involves launching the MK15, MK30, and MK45 rockets fired from Thunderbolt-2000 rocket systems, joined by soldiers practicing firing positions and procedures and fire control checks on the systems.

The Shen Ying exercise consists of helicopters, such as the AH-64E Apache and AH-1W Super Cobras, using Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles on sea, air, and land targets.

The Shen Gong exercises will involve troops using dual-mounted systems and Avenger air-defense systems firing Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. The soldiers will only have ten seconds to track and eliminate the target.