EUFOR’s Coordinated Rescue of Missing Tourists in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina sought EUFOR’s aid in searching for two missing tourists, prompting Major General László Sticz PhD, a senior officer in the Hungarian Defence Forces who currently heads the 2024 EUFOR mission in Bosnia, to mobilize EUFOR resources to locate them.

EUFOR, or the European Union Force, is an international peacekeeping mission deployed to regions of conflict under the mandate of the European Union. In Bosnia, it aims to ensure peace and stability, aids in implementing the Dayton Agreement (which ended the Bosnian War in 1995), and provides support in security, governance, and humanitarian efforts.

A Hungarian H145M helicopter, configured for medical evacuation and equipped with thermal cameras and night vision, conducted the search, accompanied by Hungarian pilots as well as Dutch and Italian soldiers.

The missing tourists were discovered atop a mountain. They were airlifted to EUFOR’s Camp Butmir in Sarajevo, where they received treatment before being transferred to a hospital in Sarajevo.