China Puts Claim on Thitu Island, Claiming Philippines is “Encroaching”

China claimed it has rights to Thuti Island, asserting that the Philippines is “illegally occupying” the island on April 11th.

“This is our waters. I have no other [information] for you,” a Chinese embassy statement said after local media reached out to officials.

“Zhongye Dao (Pagasa Island) is illegally occupied by the Philippines. China has sovereignty over Nansha Qundao, Zhongsha Qundao, including Huangyan Dao, Zhongye Dao, and their adjacent waters, and has sovereign rights and jurisdiction over relevant waters,” another staff member from the embassy said.

Local media attempted to reach out to the Philippine Coast Guard, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and the Department of Foreign Affairs to confirm the Chinese activity near Pagasa Island, but none have responded.