Taiwanese Navy will Establish New Command for Island’s Coastal Defense

The Taiwanese military will set up a new combatant command to increase the island’s combat capabilities and better defend the island’s territorial waters.

The new command will incorporate various units tasked with coastal defense, such as the Fast Attack Boat Combat Group, the Haifeng Brigade, and the Naval Maritime Surveillance and Reconnaissance Command. The command will be established in 2026 with its commanding officer slated to be a vice admiral.

The unit will be responsible for defending waters up to 27 miles (44 km) from the island’s shores by creating a network of coverage by anti-ship missiles.

The Taiwanese Naval Command Headquarters said the new command will integrate maritime combat, communication, and surveillance capabilities and mobile coastal forces and use a decentralized command and control structure to increase joint interception operations and defensive depth.

The command is still in the planning stages and its formation date and unit responsibilities have not been finalized as of now.