Scholz Seeks “Just Peace” in Ukraine During Beijing Talks with Xi Jinping

On April 16, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing to discuss a “just peace” in Ukraine, concluding a three-day visit to China.

Scholz, on his second official visit since taking office, highlighted ongoing intensive exchanges between Germany and its primary trading partner, China. He aims to address the crisis in Ukraine, where China has historically promoted dialogue and urged respect for territorial integrity without condemning Russia explicitly.

Recent declassified U.S. intelligence indicates China’s growing role in supporting Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine, notably by supplying crucial technological components and machinery, through companies like Dalian Machine Tool Group, Wuhan Global Sensor Technology, and Hikvision. These supplies reportedly aid in Russian production of ballistic missiles and other armaments, yet China maintains its stance against the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict.

During the discussions, Xi advocated for cooperation to introduce more stability into a world of rising challenges, seeking common ground with Germany.

Additionally, the visit coincides with tensions between the European Union and China over trade issues, with the EU accusing China of market distortion.