Philippine Survey Vessel Completes Mission North of Scarborough Shoal

The Philippine hydrologic vessel, the BRP H Ventura, completed its survey of the area north of the Scarborough Shoal on April 17th. One Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) vessel, the BRP Gabriela Silang, escorted the vessel as it traveled to and conducted the survey.

One China Coast Guard (CCG) vessel shadowed both vessels as they left the area and headed towards the island of Luzon. Two CCG vessels shadowed the BRP H Ventura and the PCG vessel as they traveled to the area and conducted the survey mission.

The CCG vessels also blocked the two Philippine vessels from reaching the location, forcing both to stay in the position for at least eight hours.

Map showing a Philippine hydrologic survey vessel and one Philippine Coast Guard ship heading towards Luzon as one China Coast Guard ship shadows both vessels (Photo: X, @GordianKnotRay)