Details of Meeting Between South Korean President and Opposition Not Decided

Details, such as the time and form of a future meeting between South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and the main political opposition leader Lee Jae-myung, haven’t been decided, according to the South Korean President’s Office.

Additionally, Yoon disregarded claims of a set date for the first official meeting between Yoon and Lee since the president was elected in 2022, when the two ran against each other. 

On Friday, April 19th, Yoon’s office claimed Yoon proposed holding the meeting a week after  Lee’s Democratic Party won 175 chairs in the National Assembly on April 10th. 

Lee reportedly thanked Yoon for the invitation, saying the meeting should take place on the soonest possible date. Lee also called the president for discussions; however, Yoon showed little interest in the idea.