Rebel Forces Clash with Remaining Junta Forces in Myawaddy

Fighting between the 275th Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) and resistance groups began in Myawaddy on Saturday, April 20th.

The 275th LIB was reportedly cut off near the 2nd Thailand-Burma Friendship Bridge in Myawaddy. The bridge connects the Myanmar and Thailand border.

The 55th Light Infantry Division, sent to reinforce the troops in Myawaddy, reportedly stalled in the Dawna Mountain Range due to harassment from the Karen National Liberation Army and People’s Defense Force.

The junta is conducting airstrikes against the town, using helicopters and jet aircraft during the division stalling in the mountains. The airstrikes caused civilians to evacuate the town via ferries across the Moei River.

The Royal Thai Air Force has also allegedly scrambled F-16s in response to the fighting close to their shared border. Thai security personnel also received fire around the bridge in Maesot district, Tak Province, Thailand.