China Harboring Illegal Russian Arms Ship

The Russian flagged Ro-Ro container ship, Angara, has been spotted via satellite imagery ported in Zhoushan, China, at the largest repair yard in the country.

Since August of 2023 the ship has made at least 11 voyages from North Korea to Russia in a suspected ammunition and arms transfer taking place between the two countries in support of the ongoing war with Ukraine. These transfers are considered illegal in light of Western sanctions on both North Korea and Russia.

Angara docked at Zhoushan Xinya Ship building company in Zhoushan China. (Photo – published via Reuters)

The Angara is just one of 4 U.S.-sanctioned ships being used to facilitate the secret agreement of North Korea providing Russia munitions for the war in Ukraine. The vessel appears to prefer to “operate dark”, which involves disabling the ships automatic identification system used to broadcast the ships relative position to other nearby vessels and port authority. This makes it hard for international watchdogs to accurately track it’s routes and deliveries.

The U.S has already raised concerns last week of the ships presence, however, it is unlikely to be resolved as China and North Korea are not shy to openly violate sanctions from the West.