Chin Brotherhood Alliance Capture Town With Arakan Army Aid

The Chin Brotherhood Alliance Forces, with members of the Arakan Army (AA), captured the Cindwe sub-township in Kanpetlet township, located in southern Chin state, on April 29th.

The attack began four months ago, when members of the Chin Brotherhood Alliance, the AA, the People Defense Force (PDF), and additional PDF members from Yaw and Gangwa, attacked junta positions.

During the offensive, the junta reportedly launched 319 air strikes, having little effect on dislodging the resistance groups.

The junta was said to have suffered losses in the hundreds, with resistance groups also experiencing casualties.

Resistance group forces are likely outside Cindwe subtown. Source: Chin Brotherhood Alliance.
Captured weapons, including MA pattern rifles, M1 Carbines, and an M79 grenade launcher. Source: Chin Brotherhood Alliance.