Ukrainian and Cambodian Military Officials Meet to Further Exchanges

The Director General of the Ukrainian Military Attaché to Cambodia, Colonel Dmytro Sotnichenko, requested a meeting with a Cambodian-Ukrainian military delegation

The request was made, with Sotnichenko holding a call with the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF), Vong Pisen, on Thursday, May 9th. 

Sotnichenko wished to expand military cooperation between the two nations, claiming Ukraine was ready for a partnership because it was advancing its technology. 

Vong pointed out that Ukraine and Cambodia have had relations since 1994, due to Ukraine training Cambodian students during the 1980s. Furthermore, Cambodia provided humanitarian training to Ukrainian deminers in 2023. 

The Commander-in-Chief said Cambodia will continue to support Ukraine’s request to become an ASEAN dialogue partner.