Armenian Archbishop Who Led Rallies Against Controversial Azerbaijan Deal Visits the Border

Archbishop Bagrat Galstanian, a prominent figure in Armenia’s ongoing protests, continues to dispute the border deal with Azerbaijan.

During a rally in Yerevan on May 12, the Archbishop expressed his willingness to run for Prime Minister should an impeachment of current PM Nikol Pashinian succeed. Galstanian also called for Pashinian’s resignation amid discussions with nonaligned lawmaker Ishkhan Zakharian and various political groups to initiate the impeachment procedure. However, the likelihood of impeachment remains low due to the parliamentary majority held by Pashinian’s supporters.

On May 20, during a visit to the protest-active village of Kirants at the northern border with Azerbaijan, Galstanian reiterated his criticism of the government’s border demarcation deal with Azerbaijan, which concedes control of four Armenian villages. Despite international praise for the deal, Galstanian and many Armenians continue to criticize it for what they perceive as unilateral territorial concessions.