Music Distributor Reuploaded Song Glory to Hong Kong to Music Distributors

A music distributor reuploaded the song Glory to Hong Kong onto Apple Music and Spotify after it was taken down on May 25th.

On May 28th, the team that created the protest song, DGX Music, announced they had reuploaded the song onto the music platforms. Distrokid, a music distributor, also uploaded a copy of the song onto YouTube on May 27th.

The song was also uploaded to YouTube on Monday, with video descriptions stating that the tracks were provided to YouTube by music distributor Distrokid.

The group posted a statement to their Facebook page that said, “unjustified repression will not silence the people, and even if we lose our instruments and our accompaniment, even if we lose a publisher, our pursuit of freedom and democracy will never end.”

The original distributor of the song, EmuBands, said, “it was our decision to remove the song and yes, this is because of the court order.”